Engaged Art in the Social Sphere: Labor, Location, Community, Transformation

As I mentioned in my first blog posting, there is a social practice exhibition coming to the Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota the fall semester of 2014. The exhibition is called Engaged Art in the Social Sphere: Labor, Location, Community, Transformation. The University of Minnesota, Walker Art Center and the Indianapolis Museum of Art are working to together to create the four month long, multi-layered and innovative project.


Socially Engaged Art Practice is quickly becoming a way to address and influence social concerns. Many artists are trying to find ways to address things like social, political, economic, and environmental issues. The project is divided between four major themes: Labor, Location, Community, and Transformation. There will be rotating exhibitions and participatory workshops within each theme, featuring both artists that are nationally recognized and locally known. The four month long project is giving artists experienced in the field the opportunity to share their knowledge and perspective with a new generation of artists. The events within the project will invite people from different areas all across campus to come and participate.


There are six people involved in the planning of this project. The man who initiated the idea is Howard Oransky, the director of the Katherine E Nash Gallery. From the University of Minnesota Christine Baeumler, an associate professor, and Christina Schmid, an assistant professor, both in the Department of Art, are on the team, and Rebecca Krinke, a professor of Landscape Architecture as well. Along with people from the University, there are two staff members of the Walker Art Center working as well. Sarah Shultz is the Curator of Public Practice, and Ashley Duffalo is the Program Manager of Public and Community Programs. Scott Stulen, formerly of Walker Art center, is the new Curator of Audience Experience and Performance at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Together this team is designing a dynamic exhibition of rotating artwork and participatory projects. They are currently in the process of compiling the list of artists and events. This blog is following their progress.


Written by: Shelby Gilliland